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Prior to construction, SPOT will request (1) CSV formatted upload of the manufacturer’s pipe dataset. Once uploaded, SPOT field techs will use iOS devices to verify that data matches the ID stencil. After this confirmation, SPOT will apply 4-6 jeepable barcodes to the OD, about 3’ from the bevel, and capture an image of that stencil. We will also update the GPS coordinates, Project Location (Spread 1, etc.), and Stage (Strung). This will take place directly after the contractor performs stringing. Upon request, SPOT will also create a pipe tally that can be distributed daily.

SPOT is currently barcoding all assets:

  • Pipe

  • Welds

  • Pups

  • Fittings

  • Flanges

  • Valves

Barcoding on the ROW Demonstration Video


Weld Data Entry

On the Delaware Connector project, SPOT is currently entering all weld & pup data after welding occurs. SPOT also has the ability to train inspection to enter this data (this is the method used for your project budget). SPOT is providing one staff per weld crew & one staff per tie-in crew to ensure all data is captured.

This includes the following dataset:

  • Weld Barcode

  • X-ray number (weld barcode number)

  • X-ray Rig

  • Pipe Ahead and seam location

  • Pipe Behind and seam location

  • WPS number

  • Weld date

  • Weld stage

  • Welders stencil entered (digital)

  • Photo capture of x-ray number, visual inspection, and welders stencil

  • Visual inspection entry