Digital Inspection Forms



Error Elimination — Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So it is with human data entry. If you create an opportunity for someone to make an error, they most likely will. Therefore, the use of pick lists, required fields and calculated texts reduces and in some cases eliminates the possibility of a user introducing erroneous data into the system. SPOT 1, Murphy 0.

Wonderful Workflows — Inspectors responsible for filling out forms must also route documentation accurately up the chain of command. SPOT created an automated way to seamlessly progress each form submission through your project workflow. Approvers and creators can have notifications setup to ensure they know when they have something assigned or rejected.

Handwriting is History— This questions is easy to understand. True or False? “S”. It would be nice if everyone had perfect handwriting, but even highly educated people can sometimes only muster something between hieroglyphics and chicken scratch.  Being forced to interpret handwriting can be a dubious task at best and at worst, like not having the data at all.

Redundancy Reduction — Data captured through written forms rarely finishes in its original format. So even if the data is recorded accurately, there is a greater than acceptable risk that an error will be introduced during transcription. 

Disappearing Data: Solved — Capturing data on a paper form is only half the battle. In order for that information to reach its final destination, the user must maintain control of that document in order to prevent damage, loss or compromising data from infecting the original record. 

Filing Evolved — Manual filing done by one or multiple people is labor intensive, error prone, and demands costly, ever increasing physical space. Conversely, digital forms can be automatically indexed and stored, and customizable reports can be generated at any time. 


Out of the box or built from scratch, SPOT provides a robust platform to simplify your data collection requirements.

Custom Forms built by SPOT include:

  • Material Transfer and Receiving Report

  • Material Receiving Damage Report for Non-Pipe assets

  • Pipe Receiving Damage Report

  • Third Party Contact report

  • Inspector Daily Report - Cleanup and Fencing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Lowering

  • Inspector Report - Foreign Utility Crossing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Backfill and Padding

  • Radiographic Film Technique

  • Magnetic Particle - Liquid Penetrant Technique

  • Radiographic Digital Technique

  • Ultrasonic Testing Technique

  • Report of Visual Inspection

  • Construction Completion Form Storage for Tank Closure

  • Low Voltage Cable Test and Checklist After Installation

  • Cathodic Protection System for Tank

  • Cathodic System for Tank Internal

  • Final Inspection of Instrument Installation

  • Final Paining Acceptance Certificate

  • Inspection of Instrument Control Panel Installation

  • Junction Box Installation and Test Report

  • Inspection Form for Fireproofing of Steel Structures

  • Daily Weld Repair Report

  • Inspector Report - Road and Railroad Crossing

  • Weld Parameter / Data Logging Verification

  • Welder Qualification Log

  • Inspector Coating Log

  • Holiday Detection Report

  • NDE Examination Report

  • Driver Bill of Lading

  • Inspector Daily Report - Environmental

  • Horizontal Directional Drill Report

  • Welder Map Report

  • Inspector Daily Report Pipe Anomaly

  • Unit Pay Item Report

  • Inspector Report - Creek Crossing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Clearing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Fencing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Grading

  • Inspector Daily Report - Potholing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Tree Felling

  • Inspector Daily Report - Ditching

  • Blasting and Drilling Daily Report

  • Inspector Daily Report - Stringing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Bending

  • Test Station As Built Form Single Line

  • Periodic Test Station Verification Report

  • Bolted Connection Report

  • Transition Report

  • Weld Deletion Report

  • Cut Pipe Report

  • Welding Inspectors Daily Report

  • Pipeline Daily Construction Report

  • Facilities Hydrostatic Test Report

  • Chief Daily Report

  • Electrical Report

  • Daily Repair Log

  • Materials Coordinator Daily Report

  • Facility Daily Progress Report

  • Tank Daily Progress Report

  • Concrete Test Report

  • Job Safety Observation Checklist

  • Mechanical Report

  • Inspection Punch List Outstanding Work Items

  • Inspection Release Notice

  • Inspection Report

  • Inspection Waiver

  • Non Conformance Report

  • Pre Fabrication Meeting Report

  • Civil Works

  • Concrete Pour Card

  • Grout Request/Release/Inspection Report

  • Check Report of Instrument

  • Check Report of Pressure Relief Valve

  • Structural Steel Inspection Report

  • Construction Checklist Mechanical

  • Tie In Report

  • Final Tie In Parameter Report


Handwritten Records


Searchable Data

Digital pipeline shipment manifest

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Customizable digital forms

Custom Field Options

  • Date/Time

  • Location

  • GPS

  • Embedded Image

  • Image Capture

  • Video Capture

  • Audio Capture

  • Long Text

  • Lookup (Single Select)

  • Lookup (Multi Select)

  • Option (Multi Select)

  • Section Headers

  • Signatures

  • Static Text

  • Subform

  • Text

  • Calculation

  • Barcode Scanner

  • NFC Scanner

  • Document Viewer

plus many more…

Customizable digital forms