Secure Integration


Robust API

SPOT uses a Postgres SQL relational database setup, with a nodeJS backend running on Amazon EC2 Cloud (CentOS), with an AngularJS frontend.

Link to API Library

Integration with SPOT has been designed to be as easy as possible for developers to write code against. Our thoroughly documented API is an industry standard REST web service delivered over the secure HTTPS protocol. All of the data going into or out of the web service is encoded using a human-readable, tried and tested highly ubiquitous and nearly 20-year old Javascript Object Notation (JSON) language.

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Mobile App data is cached on the device so if the device loses service or there is a server side problem, no time or data is lost. The device will sync when it regains connectivity.

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The Web Server is a backed up nightly and in the event of any failure can usually be rebuilt in less than an hour.

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The API Server is also backed up nightly and can usually be rebuilt in less than hour in the event of any failure.

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The database utilizes Amazon RDS and is replicated across two separate physical data centers. The database is backed up hourly. We keep 35 days of backups before overwriting the oldest one. 

We keep a live copy of the database server in a separate physical data center that is ready for immediate fail over in the event of any database problems. The Web and API servers in the other data center are offline and can be brought online usually within 1 hour if an entire physical dat center goes offline.


Service Level Agreement

SPOT’s infrastructure is subject to Amazon’s service level agreement which is 99.95% uptime 24 hours a day. For details on Amazon’s SLA please reference the following links: