SPOT Barcode Durability Test


It all started when a SPOT customer took it upon themselves to prove the durability of the SPOT Jeepable barcodes. The following is customer’s summary of their test and findings.


We recently staged a "test" of the durability and adhesive properties of the recently delivered jeepable barcodes. The scenarios and conditions were as follows:

  • Conditions applied on March 1st 2019: 38 deg. F. High moisture content.

  • FBE and ARO coated pipe, both clean and "dirty" pipe in sunny conditions

  • Both clean and "dirty" pipe in shaded conditions

  • One joint of ARO that was a previously pulled pipe from an HDD, very poor surface conditions.


After two months of all types of weather conditions, from 70 deg F to rain to snow:

  • All barcodes remained in place

  • No evidence of barcodes "peeling"

  • Barcodes applied to a clean surface on both ARO and FBE were extremely hard to remove in both sunny and shaded conditions, could possibly be re-used

  • Barcodes applied to an unclean surface on both ARO and FBE were slightly easier to remove in both sunny and shaded conditions. These would not be able to be re-used.


Considering the conditions during the application of these barcodes and the variance in conditions they endured: Jeepable barcodes will sustain durability through all conditions and surface quality of pipe. I see no evidence of adhesive failure in all scenarios. In my professional opinion, these barcodes should "survive" the construction process and a quick wipe down of un-clean surfaces should ensure this hypothesis. 

Our findings have been documented with photos and attached below.