Thank you for allowing us to quote your upcoming project. Take your pipe traceability to the next level by using SPOT. Just a reminder, this simple pipeline and materials traceability application is designed to set an industry standard for all data collection and communication revolving around pipe and pipe logistics. By using smart phones and tablets, SPOT delivers real-time data entry and updates from the field without downtime due to lost internet connection. All our data is securely stored in a cloud based database accessible from anywhere in the world.

If you'd like to see examples of the portal or app, click here.

See SPOT in action!

  • Access to system from beginning of project to (12) months from first asset upload

    • Upon completion of initial 12 months, a monthly hosting charge of $500 will be invoiced.

  • This quote is based on non double-jointed pipe. Pricing will need to be modified for double-jointed pipe.

  • Executed Hardware License Agreement (HLA) & Software License Agreement (SLA)

  • Deliverable:

    • Based on agreed upon format

    • i.e. SHP, HTML Based Project Book

      • CSV available upon request prior to license fee expiration

    • API Integration available

    • To be submitted within 45 days of line commission

  • License fee invoice to occur upon first data upload

  • This quote does not include valves or fittings data association

  • For additional $10 / month, SPOT will provide email for each user that is requested.

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