SPOT on 2018

Much like the energy industry we serve, SPOT saw rapid growth in 2018. Here’s a look back at our impact last year.


-- We initiated 25 new projects.

-- We were awarded nearly 600 new miles of pipe to install, bringing our total to over 1,700 miles of pipe currently being laid throughout the United States and Mexico.

-- We applied over 620,000 barcodes to our customer’s materials, allowing them to accurately gather exponentially more data than before.

-- We developed and implemented the most technologically advanced, all weather, jeepable barcodes. Our design in currently patent pending.

-- Most importantly, we continued to cultivate relationships with our loyal customers while partnering with many new clients, growing our customer base by over 30% in one year.

This brief snapshot has laid the foundation for SPOT’s goals in 2019. With our projected double-digit percentage growth, we are standing ready and equipped to help you begin a better, safer, and more reliable project today.