SPOT on Safety

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Cell Phone Safety Tips

One of the things that makes SPOT an industry leader is our app, SPOT Traceability. It’s simple to use and makes data gathering for any project clear, concise and compliant.

Like any tool that can make your job easier and more efficient, it’s important to use it safely. That’s why we will always train and encourage our customers to adhere to the following safety procedures:

  1. Do not open the app and begin entering data while you are walking to your job site. Keep your device stowed while in transit so that you can see and hear any machinery that may be in motion.

  2. Do not begin entering data before the operation of nearby machinery has ceased.

  3. Be sure to notify other worksite personnel of where you will be and approximately how long you will be on the ground so they know to avoid the area while you are gathering data.

  4. When you have completed collecting data, stow your device in a safe place while you return to your vehicle.

  5. NEVER continue to enter information using our tool if you are driving or operating any kind of vehicle.

SPOT takes pride in the ease and usability of our products, but we care more about the people using them. Please practice proper safety precautions when on a work site.