SPOT on Barcodes

Jeepable, All-Weather Barcodes


SPOT is proud to announce the creation of the industry’s most advanced jeepable, all-weather barcode yet. Expertly designed, third party tested, and currently patent pending, SPOT’s latest barcode is setting a new standard for traceability and performance. Designed and engineered in house, SPOT’s newest offering is unlike any other barcode being made or used by our competitors. The concept was simple: make an all-weather barcode that can outperform and outlast any other, not impede holiday testing, and beat industry standards. So that’s what we did.

We sought out Lake Superior Consulting (LSC), an industry leader in engineering integrity, to conduct all necessary testing to determine the performance of our new design. The result?

new product meme2.jpg

The Spot Tracker LLC bar code label with the metal backing did not present an impediment to holiday testing of FBE coated pipe. An intentional holiday made in an FBE coated pipe, and then covered with the [SPOT] label, showed a holiday when inspected with 100 volts per mil of measured coating thickness. Since holiday detection is a physical/electric inspection technique, and does not depend on the chemistry of the coating, it is expected that this experiment will extend to other types of coating, such as ARO and liquid applied epoxies.

~ Neil Pittman, Sr. Coating Specialist

So not only is our newest barcode jeepable with the minimal voltage requirements, but it is all-weather, all the time. Rain, rust, and sun proof for at least seven years, our barcodes can withstand exposure to the harshest natural elements for extended periods of time without compromising the ability to trace assets or detect potential defects.

As important as the performance of the barcode itself, is the material from which it is made. We take physical and environmental safety seriously, that’s why our barcode is made with non hazardous materials that pose no physical or chemical risk to our people or our planet. The makeup of our barcode was found to be chemically stable and not reactive or compatible with our potentially harmful substances. Our barcode was also found not to compromise or disrupt the coating materials on which it was used.

At SPOT, we are thrilled to be leading the field in the innovative advancement of processes and technology and providing our customers with excellent products that deliver superior results.