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Can you name one thing that is the leading cause of inefficiency, the most common cause of error, and the biggest culprit of lost time and money?

Forms. The mind-numbing, handwritten, manual transcribing of forms.

It’s the 21st century folks and the pipe industry isn’t slowing down. That’s why SPOT has revolutionized the way that data collection is done with the clean, clear digitalization of forms. No more paperclips with sheets billowing in the wind. No more ink stained copies that were smudged while you were running back to the truck in the rain. Gone are the days of file folders that you prayed to God were in the right order or routed on time, faxed to the right number or filed in the right project.

Everything you could need to properly manage your project’s information, no matter how small the asset, no matter how big the contract, SPOT’s forms can be customized to meet your company’s specific informational needs.

Custom forms designed by SPOT include:

  • Inspector Coating Log

  • Holiday Detection Report

  • NDE Examination Report

  • Driver Bill of Lading

  • Inspector Daily Report - Environmental

  • Horizontal Directional Drill Report

  • Welder Map Report

  • Inspector Daily Report Pipe Anomaly

  • Unit Pay Item Report

  • Inspector Report - Creek Crossing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Clearing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Fencing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Grading

  • Inspector Daily Report - Potholing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Tree Felling

  • Inspector Daily Report - Ditching

  • Blasting and Drilling Daily Report

  • Inspector Daily Report - Stringing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Bending

  • Test Station As Built Form Single Line

  • Periodic Test Station Verification Report

  • Bolted Connection Report

  • Transition Report

  • Weld Deletion Report

  • Cut Pipe Report

  • Welding Inspectors Daily Report

  • Material Transfer and Receiving Report

  • Material Receiving Damage Report for Non-Pipe assets

  • Pipe Receiving Damage Report

  • Third Party Contact report

  • Inspector Daily Report - Cleanup and Fencing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Lowering

  • Inspector Report - Foreign Utility Crossing

  • Inspector Daily Report - Backfill and Padding

  • Radiographic Film Technique

  • Magnetic Particle - Liquid Penetrant Technique

  • Radiographic Digital Technique

  • Ultrasonic Testing Technique

  • Inspection Punch List Outstanding Work Items

  • Construction Completion Form Storage for Tank Closure

  • Low Voltage Cable Test and Checklist After Installation

  • Cathodic Protection System for Tank

  • Cathodic System for Tank Internal

  • Final Inspection of Instrument Installation

  • Final Paining Acceptance Certificate

  • Inspection of Instrument Control Panel Installation

  • Junction Box Installation and Test Report

  • Inspection Form for Fireproofing of Steel Structures

  • Daily Weld Repair Report

  • Inspector Report - Road and Railroad Crossing

  • Weld Parameter / Data Logging Verification

  • Welder Qualification Log

  • Pipeline Daily Construction Report

  • Facilities Hydrostatic Test Report

  • Chief Daily Report

  • Electrical Report

  • Daily Repair Log

  • Materials Coordinator Daily Report

  • Facility Daily Progress Report

  • Tank Daily Progress Report

  • Concrete Test Report

  • Job Safety Observation Checklist

  • Mechanical Report

  • Report of Visual Inspection

  • Inspection Release Notice

  • Inspection Report

  • Inspection Waiver

  • Non Conformance Report

  • Pre Fabrication Meeting Report

  • Civil Works

  • Concrete Pour Card

  • Grout Request/Release/Inspection Report

  • Check Report of Instrument

  • Check Report of Pressure Relief Valve

  • Structural Steel Inspection Report

  • Construction Checklist Mechanical

  • Tie In Report

  • Final Tie In Parameter Report

What’s more? All your forms can be collected, sent, and managed from your phone.

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