SPOT on People


Last week on the blog, we discussed the importance of people, process and technology and the ways in which SPOT’s specific approach to these pillars sets us apart. This week, we’ll look a little more closely at our people; both employees and customers.


We take pride in the people we choose to be a part of our team. Competency, experience, and character all play important roles in each position we fill. Whether in the office on the field, we strive to make sure that every employee is seen, heard, and equipped to succeed and that they are given the opportunity to grow, learn, and lead in their role. While we want our employees to feel confident that they can do their jobs well, we aim to keep everyone engaged and challenged so that they don’t become bored with simple redundancies that are common in any job.

We seek to do this by making sure that every employee is given the opportunity to share their personal feedback on various projects or tasks that they have completed so that we know where they felt properly equipped and where there is room for additional training and education. Wether in the office or on a work site, every position plays an important role is creating and maintaining a symbiotic and mutual trust between colleagues.


Similarly, the relationships that we have with clients are paramount. Cultivating trusting personal relationships, demonstrating subject matter expertise, and delivering quality results along every touch point demands not only excellent communication, but consistency. We believe that this consistency is what secures the trust and loyalty of our customers. Regardless if it’s our first project with a client or not, we aim to earn their continued patronage with every project we have the privilege of being awarded.

A central component of earning continued loyalty is eagerly accepting feedback and constructive criticism. Being open to understanding how we can not only improve, but customize our process to the individual needs of our clients is just one more way we are seeking to make SPOT an industry leader and unique service provider.

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