SPOT on Process

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Webster defines process as a set of reoccurring steps or procedures marked by gradual changes that lead towards a desired end. More specifically in business, a process establishes a streamlined set of actions that create maximum results. And few other industries depend on process for both safety and compliance more than the pipeline industry.

A macro and micro approach to process are critical to pipeline corporations for two reasons: (1) how may hands are involved in the moving, laying, and inspecting of pipe, and (2) how much press and negative impact the industry receives when an accident occurs due to a lack of process oversight. At SPOT, documenting our internal procedures is a foundational component to ensuring that we can consistently deliver effective and efficient process at the micro level.

Below is a sample work flow created by SPOT, specific to each project in order to establish a clear scope of work and the necessary touchpoints to satisfy regulatory compliance and the client’s needs:

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.22.40 PM.png

Next, SPOT establishes and trains users to follow specific steps within each touchpoint. These steps ensure each user is effective in collecting the data they are responsible for gathering.

Each micro level process (example below) has a diagram to visually assist each user in understanding the goal.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.21.30 PM.png

SPOT micro level processes include but are not limited to:

  • Assigning barcodes (beginning at point of pipe manufacturing and initial sale)

  • Loadout procedure

  • Stringing procedure

  • Welding procedure

  • Inspection procedure

  • Survey procedure

  • Lowering procedure

  • and many more

All touchpoints necessitate a corresponding input into our app that keeps a single data stream of information accurately recorded and housed for the duration of the pipe’s useable life. The SPOT app allows companies to succinctly keep pipe specific information traced regardless of who inputs the data which ensures accurate and total traceability.

At a micro level, these protocols and procedural inputs into the SPOT app can be customized and tailored to meet the specific needs and informational requirements or requests for each of our customers. While we help to ensure that all our clients meet PHMSA standards, we understand that companies have their own internal corporate standard of information gathering and so our app allows for the inclusion of extra data sets and touchpoints as needed.

At both the macro and micro levels, the SPOT app was built on two key principles: simplicity and a user-friendly interface. By keeping the process streamlined, simple to understand and easy to navigate, we help ensure lower rates of mistakes and missed data entry and higher rates of intact, end-to-end traceability.