SPOT on Tally


There’s a good chance you are familiar with the term “tally” if you’ve been in the pipe business for more than a day. But it’s important to define terms at their most foundational level so that we can understand how to accurately apply them in the appropriate context.

Tally refers to the collection of detailed information about specific joints during the phase of stringing pipe.


Each pipe has associated with it specific data that includes a joint number, heat number, length, size, and coating. The gathering of this data is a critical component of maintaining proper compliance and has historically been recorded by hand. That is to say, someone walks along miles of pipe, stopping at each joint to write down the identifying characteristics of that joint, and later transposes that information into a database that houses those identifying markers. Its manual. It’s inefficient. And it’s often full of errors.

Then SPOT came along.

Because SPOT begins each project at the starting line (ie standing next to the client when they buy pipe directly from the manufacturer), we thought, “Why not upload all the pipe’s data that we receive from the manufacturer directly into our app? This automation has revolutionized stringing in two key ways.

  1. Time— What once took hours of manual transcription over the course of miles of pipe can now be accomplished with a simple “point and click.” When a surveyor approaches a joint, all the information for that joint is already present in the app. All he or she has to do is scan the code and then validate that the information that populates in SPOT matches what appears on the pipe.

  2. Accuracy— Because handwritten data collection is no longer necessary and the information for each pipe has been originally uploaded straight from the pipe manufacturer, the instances of error are practically eradicated. More than that, a standard device for all SPOT staff is a Leica Disto D2 laser measuring tool. By aiming the tool through the pipe, the laser is able to determine within millimeters the exact length of each pipe and then immediately sync that measurement into the app, ensuring maximum accuracy.

The tallying ability of SPOT is unlike anything else on the market. In part because it’s efficient and in part because it’s totally accurate. But there’s something else. When you use SPOT to tally your pipe, it not only stores your data, but it uses stored information as a benchmark to detect incorrect numbers that do not match what is in the database, thereby intercepting errors before they occur.

A tool that not only prevents errors but organizes data collection the way you want it.

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jason dunn