SPOT on Technology


Technology succeeds people and process because we need the foundational elements of excellent minds and strategic design to harness technology’s full potential. The right people must be in place, adhering to a strategic process that is focused on a specific end goal in order to make technology a true asset.

At SPOT, our end goal is simple: Eliminate errors.

Perhaps that sounds lofty or even complex, but in reality, eliminating errors is achievable if you significantly decrease the need for human touch-points and data entry. In the past, source, transmission, omission, and processing errors could be traced to the mistake of a human touch point. The first step towards the reduction of errors at SPOT was to convert multiple data sets into one cohesive data stream that could be accessed by multiple users. This created universal access by necessary users instead of segregated data sets and entry points that could not be seen or tracked by all project participants.

technology meme.png

The second step to eliminating errors was to create a one-of-a-kind Project Data Management (PDM) system that embodied the full scope of traceability. SPOT’s proprietary compliance management system traces every asset assigned to a client and tracks its progression through each stage until a project’s completion.

One of the most significant features of the PDM is the auditing system that was incorporated to help flag assets or steps that may have been missed at any point in a project’s lifecycle. If a specific set of data is missing, fails to be uploaded or synced, the self-auditing feature notifies users what information is absent, when it should have been received in the process, and which specific user was responsible for collecting the data. What historically would have proven to be a needle-in-a-haystack hunt has been simplified to a near fail-safe status.

At SPOT, we’re constantly pursuing how to simplify tracking pipeline projects because we believe it’s not as complicated as it’s been made to feel. The more advanced technology becomes the more we’re able to capitalize on features that can create significant efficiencies. The more efficient a process and the less likely an error can be committed, the better your business becomes.