SPOT on Weld Mapping

You don’t have to be in the pipeline industry long to discover that weld mapping is a critical component of job completion. Technically speaking, weld mapping is defined as:

The process of assigning information to a weld joint to enable easy identification of its design (WPS), production (welders, their qualifications, date welded), quality (visual inspection, NDT) and traceability (heat numbers of materials joined & welding consumables).


But there is also a more philosophical definition to weld mapping: the real time manifestation of data. The information that weld mapping necessitates has become important not just for protecting the integrity of the pipe that is being laid, but also for the companies and personnel that are responsible for ensuring its safety. Detailed record keeping has become an essential aspect of welding and the standards for documentation are high.

And it’s here in the detailed data collection that SPOT excels. This is where SPOT continues to set itself apart from the competition with the creation of a simple but seamless tool that ensures record keeping of the highest caliber, information gathering, data storage, and pictorial evidence.

We know what you’re thinking. “Perhaps a bit cocky, eh?”

Not cocky. Confident. And our customers agree.

According to a recent partnership with one of the Mid-West’s largest energy suppliers, their Chief Inspector was quoted as saying: "In my many years of pipelining, I can guarantee we have never turned over a documentation package as accurate and thorough as we have using SPOT."

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SPOT is the most detailed-oriented post weld-checklist you’ve ever used. Like any checklist, SPOT serves as a reference to remind you what you need to record. But in the event that you forget an important piece of information, SPOT alerts you to what is missing or incorrect in your data entry, preventing errors before they occur. SPOT is not just a useful tool, it actively prevents misinformation from being recorded or filed incorrectly, in real time. A check list that tells you not only how to collect the data that is important, but specifically what data is necessary to have a complete and compliant record.

Weld mapping is too important to risk doing without SPOT.

jason dunn