SPOT on Truck and Trace


“Truck and Trace.” A common phrase among pipeline industry members that represents a simple idea. From the moment pipe is placed on a truck or train to be shipped until the final phase of stringing, the theory of “truck and trace” is that a company should be able to trace or track their assets through every touchpoint. The problem for so many is that often times, the vendor that is “trucking” isn’t the same vendor that allows them to “trace.” Suddenly too many parties are trying to share similar information through dissimilar channels or methods.

Then there’s Jones Pipeline Services, the sister company of SPOT.


Like siblings born to the same parents, these companies share not only a common DNA of values, but more importantly, they share the same language. Employees for both Jones and SPOT are colleagues that collaborate on a daily basis. The mutual respect and support across companies makes for a working relationship built on trust. Because Jones and SPOT employees work together often on multiple projects, there’s no competition or temptation to micro-manage. Colleagues encourage and empower each other to be subject matter experts in their individual fields.

The information that Jones Logisitics gathers is the same information that SPOT makes available through its app. Similar information dispersed to similar channels though one cohesive platform means that however far you are “trucking” or “tracing” an asset, there will be a single data stream from vendors on both sides of the aisle, simplifying the information that is most important to you.