SPOT on Traceability

It goes without saying that if you work in the energy industry, traceability is a basic, foundational tenant in any company’s framework. Considered a minimal requirement by PHSMA, ensuring accurate and timely traceability is an integral part of compliance, much less success.


At SPOT, we believe that the best and most effective traceability is more than a legible barcode. That is why we have developed one of the most comprehensive apps on the market.

Its most distinguishing characteristic? Simplicity.

A clear, user friendly interface and intuitive navigation continually set SPOT apart as one of the easiest and most effective tracking apps in the industry today.

By beginning to trace materials before they have even left the manufacturer, SPOT compiles more information, for a longer period of time, in one continuous data stream. With so much information housed in a central and secure location, you no longer have to trace different sources of information from various users in order to create a complete list of touchpoints.

While the SPOT app may be young compared to our competitors, we proudly stand by the effectiveness of our product. In seven years of operation, simplifying the process of collecting clean data makes the projects SPOT has been a part of safer and more efficient.

As the energy industry continues to increase its demand for data, new technology will be required to meet the need. At SPOT, we’re bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s demand.