SPOT on Safety

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Clean Worksites

Have you ever arrived at an unorganized, sloppy worksite? Paperwork strewn about. Tools and machinery unkempt. Loose materials in potentially hazardous places.

It’s not only unprofessional, it’s unsafe.

Wether it’s tools as large as tractors, or materials as small as paper clips, anything can pose a threat to your safety if not properly handled and stowed away when not in use. Here are a few helpful ways to make sure that you maintain necessary safety precautions when on a worksite:

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  1. Before arriving on the job, take an inventory of all the materials you will be carrying with you.

  2. Make sure that they are secured and stored in a safe and unexposed place until you need them.

  3. Return them to a secure environment after you have finished using them.

  4. When your job is complete, take another inventory to make sure that you left with everything you took to the site.

You are responsible for making sure that every worksite you leave is cleaner and better organized than when you arrived. Not only for your safety, but for the sake and safety of those you work with.