The system worked well for us. We had a SPOT Tech available at busy sites, mainly to assist in gathering the data at both ends of double-jointed pipe. When verifying receipts from the trains and pipe mill, the SPOT data collected was always correct, which was used to fix the mill and transportation information.
We found it to be a very good tool and I will use it again on my next projects. The SPOT personnel were always willing to work with us to figure out and furnish what we needed.
— Gregory T.

I think the SPOT system is a very helpful and much needed system on the pipeline.
— Levicey L.

Great system to work with. Thanks.
— Michael C.

SPOT saves a bunch of paperwork on welding stencils.
— Lance S.

The field assistance was great. I always had questions and problems solved quickly.
— Tony N.

I for one am well pleased with your program and the efforts from your team to help us stay on track.
— Ray S.