Why they say “No”

  • Survey Does this already

  • It's not a requirement

  • I don't understand the value add

  • It's too expensive

Reduce Costs

  • Jeepable barcodes

    • Eliminate labor for barcode removal

    • Verify coating integrity through improved holiday detection

  • Automatic MTR association

    • Drag & Drop solution attached required documents automatically

  • Surplus Inventory control

  • Data stream consolidation

    • Manufacturer

  • Consistent datasets between survey/inspection/Owner

  • Prevent Dig-ups through stencil review

Improve Data Integrity

  • Reduce data transfer

  • Use of digital data capture as opposed to handwritten notes/forms

    • Eliminate illegible documents

    • Eliminate the need to manually transfer information from one format to another

    • Reduce human error


Real-Time Asset Management

Industry and Product Expertise

Use of Automation to recognize issues before they become problems

Reduce survey one-time callouts

Todd Brown

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